by Professor PawPower


Forestfern:   Dear Professor PawPower, what is the main purpose of this site?

PawPower:   It is really simple - use your paw - and your brain - to save energy. We always think about how to save money or time.  And we say time is money. But we don't always think the same way about energy.  Yet energy, time and money are all resources and can be thought of as different forms of energy we have in a broad sense. 

As you will see in the following pages energy is meant in this broad sense, not just electrical energy or gas and such but also Your own time and money. We are seeking to minimize all of these when seeking energy efficiency.



Forestfern:   Can you give us an example ?


An example is in lighting: you see LED advertisement everywhere. Indeed from a pure electricity consumption perspective an LED is most efficient. But if we consider what we have already in our closet ( bulbs we bought before) and what we need to spend to buy  LED-s for all those sockets in our home or office, then the question comes up what is the most efficient way to transition? Energy has been spent to make all those bulbs we already have. Should we just waste that ? Throw out all the existing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs we have and buy LED in every socket we have ?  Or first use up the existing stock and then replace any burnt out bulb with LED no matter where they burn out ? Or is there an even better, more "total energy" efficient way to transition ? (hint: yes, there is. ) 

Please explore and find it out on this site. 

 There are some ideas here, under the Transitioning to LED tab. Check out the videos first. And if you have other ideas, please comment or write to us at  Here we want to collect all such good ideas and to show - in a fun and entertaining way - how we can use our paw - in your case it is called " the haend" I believe -  to save energy, "total energy" that is.

Thank you for visiting.